Two Songs That Are Speaking To Me Right Now

7 01 2009

Guillemots - Trains to BrazilUsually if I describe a piece of music as “life affirming,” I’m probably using the phrase dismissively to describe the kind of thing that my little brother looks for in music, the kind of thing I scoff at cynically for its naivete as I put on something like Portishead’s Third that tears me into little pieces. But for some reason, “Trains to Brazil” off the Guillemots 2006 debut, Through the Windowpane, is really speaking to me lately. So this one’s for you, little brother, if you’re reading.

Guillemots – Trains to Brazil (Download) (Buy It)″

A.C. Newman - Get GuiltyAlso speaking to me at the moment is the opening track of (New Pornographer) A.C. (Carl) Newman’s forthcoming Get Guilty, “There Are Maybe Ten or Twelve.” Make of it what you will.

A.C. Newman – There Are Maybe Ten or Twelve (Download) (Buy It)″




3 responses

9 01 2009
Adam Roberts

I can’t get the Guillemots into the ‘me-like’ portion of my musical brain. I think its the cheesy 80s heavy-handed thumpa-thumpa drumline. Or the fact that it sounds a little bit, not-quite-but-just-enough, like Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark, one of my least favourite Springsteen tracks. Or else because I’m insanely picky.

9 01 2009
Adam Roberts

Incidentally, I mean that one Guillemots track, in your post: I don’t mean the Guillemots in general.

Also, I very much like the echoey 60s drama of the A C Newman track. I will chase that album up.

10 01 2009

Interestingly enough, I’d say the reverse – I have trouble getting behind the Guillemots in general, but I like this song. Heavy-handed is a fair description, which I found distracting at first, but it’s a grower.

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