I Can’t Stand the Useless Fools!

14 02 2009

I woke up this morning to a notice on my WordPress Dashboard that my ability to post had been temporarily frozen, and that I should contact support immediately. Apparently my posting of Sam la More’s remix of Empire of the Sun’s “Walking on a Dream” triggered a DMCA takedown notice to WordPress. The result was a relatively benign move by WordPress – the track was simply removed from the website – but it was accompanied by a vague and ominous warning that future DMCA notices could result in the blog being “permanently suspended.”

Now, this is not going to stop me from continuing to write music that I care about, and it isn’t going to stop me from sharing that music as context to my writing so that you, my readers, can evaluate it and support the artists you discover here. Being “permanently suspended” would be unfortunate, but it’s not a reason to permanently suspend the site on my own. It does, however, mean a couple of small changes in the way I do business.

1) I’m making backup plans: in the event that I’m suspended by WordPress, the blog will be moved to http://www.songsaboutradios.com. I’ve just purchased the domain name, though as long as things are ok here at WordPress, I’m not paying to host anything there. I can also be reached at songaboutradios@gmail.com in the event that this site disappears and you’re curious where to find it.
2) I’ll be regularly backing up the site now so that my content isn’t lost in the event that I get deleted
3) I’ll no longer be posting music from the British label EMI.

Why EMI? Some scratching around on the internet dug up several sites which agreed that they are responsible for the latest round of takedown notices on Blogger and WordPress. This seems to be corroborated by the fact that the only piece of music I’ve had to take down to date turns out to be the only piece of music I’ve ever posted from EMI. Okkervil River is also on EMI, but the track I posted comes from an early album released on Joust.

I’d love to let the Sex Pistols tell you how much they love EMI, but posting the song they dedicated to their first label that would violate my no-music-from-EMI policy, so you’ll have to follow this link to find it on Hype Machine.



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