Best Music of 2008, Part VII (Songs 21-30)

3 03 2009

Here are the final 10 of my favorite songs of 2008. New visitors, don’t forget to check out my top albums of 2008. 2008 is finally, officially, wrapped up at Songs About Radios:



5 responses

3 03 2009

I think you’re right about The Whiskers. In an unrelated note, I have unrealized hopes for These New Puritains.

3 03 2009

I’m pretty sure the Whiskers hang out at the Wolf Parade message board or something, though I can’t remember exactly why I think that. Also, the singer is now involved in a project called Ganache. There’s a track up on Said the Gramophone that’s pretty decent.

Unrealized hopes for These New Puritans as in they have potential but haven’t pulled it together yet? Sounds about right. I’ve heard a lot of duds from Beat Pyramid, including the “Numbers” track that’s an edit of “Navigate, Navigate,” but they’ve got a decent number of solid tracks too. Have you heard “Elvis”?

4 03 2009

Am I a geek for thinking Brittney’s “Womanizer” is one of the best songs of the year? A roommate of mine’s love for her is contagious. It’s almost as if the more talentless she is, the better her music, with all its overly synthed instrumentals and autotuned vocals, gets.

4 03 2009

How can you call anything the “catchiest anything of the anything” and not have it be Vampire Weekend? I like Throw Me the Statue, and About to Walk is definitely the best song on the album. But merely in terms of catchiness, I can’t think of anything catchier than Vampire Weekend.

4 03 2009

Eric – I’ve got nothing against Brittney, but I don’t really like Womanizer. Something about the repetitiveness of the lyrics, maybe, annoys me. I’ll give you, Toxic, though.

Adam – we’ve talked about this. I don’t like Vampire Weekend all that much. I mean, they’re alright, and a couple of songs have earned a permanent place on my iPod, I’m just not into them enough to hype them. Not like they need it anyway.

For the record, I think I tend to look for more personal, idiosyncratic picks on the best songs, whereas with albums I’m also taking more into account the significance of each album’s accomplishments, i.e. it’s potential place in the canon. So I’m not expecting anyone to be talking about Throw Me the Statue in 2 years, let alone 10, but Sun Kil Moon is an artist whose fan base should continue to grow as he continues to get the critical acclaim he deserves. I suspect that Vampire Weekend will go the way of Voxtrot on their next LP – i.e. towards relative obscurity.

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