Ongoing Series

  • Songs About Radios – Like this first post, the songs about radios series will bringing you songs about the social experience of listening to music, songs that explicitly mention radios, radio waves, radio dials, radiomen, radio towers, satellites, mixtapes, car stereos, etc.
  • Parallel Lines – often times the best way to gain insight into music is to compare minute similarities and differences between two different tracks by different artists or even from different genres; the Parallel Lines series will focus in on one very specific point of comparison and contrast between two otherwise unrelated songs
  • He Speaks In Tongues – Because I’ve spent the last few years of my life studying other languages, a lot of the songs I’ve come to love aren’t in English, which I realize is a barrier to a lot of the people with whom I like to share music. He Speaks In Tongues is a series where I post songs in Spanish or French along with translations of the lyrics in the hopes of convincing you that these songs are worth your time.
  • It Started With A Mixx – What are the top 10 songs about my sweet home, Chicago? What’s the best way to say “Welcome to the Working Week?” Need a mix of spooky songs for this year’s Halloween party? This is the series for you. I do take requests.
  • Teach A Man To Fish – …and you feed him for a lifetime. I’ve spent many many hours over the past few years perfecting the art of collecting music on the internet. In this series, I’ll reveal some of the tricks of the trade – where to discover music, how to download streaming media, the best aps for converting file types and stripping DRM, strategies for organizing a large mp3 collection – so that you too can become a more active, or more efficient, consumer of music.

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